Agribusiness Solutions

We offer comprehensive solutions for the agribusiness sector, supporting activities from production to the marketing of products and services, benefiting every link in the production chain.

  • Agribusiness: 26%

  • Other sectors: +11

Sectoral Distribution of Banco Pine's Portfolio (by volume).

  • 55% of Brazilian states served

55% of Brazilian states served

  • 8 CRA issuances

8 CRA issuances

  • Over BRL 465 million in CRA transactions

Over BRL 465 million in CRA transactions

Credit Solutions

Working Capital Loans

A credit line design to meet your company’s cash flow needs, such as negotiating with suppliers, increasing inventory, paying taxes, and covering unexpected expenses.

Financial Agricultural Warrants (CPR-F)

The Financial Agricultural Warrant (CPR-F) is a security issued by agricultural producers or participants in their production, industrialization, and commercialization chain. Issuing a CPR-F is a way to raise funds with IOF exemption.

NCE/CCE (Export Credit Notes/Certificates)

The Export Credit Note (NCE) and Export Credit Certificate (CCE) are IOF-exempt financing options tailored for exporting companies or those involved in the export production chain.

Capital Market Solutions

Agribusiness Receivables Certificate (CRA)

These certificates are private fixed-income securities representing a future cash payment promise, catering specifically to the agribusiness sector.


NDF - Currencies and Commodities

The Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF) is a contractual agreement to buy or sell a specific currency or commodity at a predetermined price for financial settlement on a future date. There is no physical delivery of the currency or commodity.


A transaction designed for businesses looking to reduce risks by hedging against market exposures (such as currency, interest rates, or commodities) through the exchange of financial indices.


These transactions grant the holder the right to buy or sell the traded asset at a preset price on a future date, enabling companies to protect their financial statements from exposures or achieve unique returns.

Insurance for Agribusiness

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Crop Insurance

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Multi-Risk Insurance

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Rural Property Insurance

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Agricultural Machinery Insurance

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Parametric Insurance