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Multi Debtor

A financing solution for advancing your company's term receivables without joint liability.

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How Does It Work?

Clients (assignors) submit their diversified receivables portfolio via electronic file. After evaluating the debtors, we proceed with the advance of receivables through a Credit Assignment operation without joint liability.

Why Choose It?

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Optimizes your finances by converting "Accounts Receivable" into "Cash".

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IOF (Tax on Financial Operations) exemption.

Other Credit Products

Working Capital Loans

A credit line design to meet your company’s cash flow needs, such as negotiating with suppliers, increasing inventory, paying taxes, and covering unexpected expenses.

NCE/CCE (Export Credit Notes/Certificates)

The Export Credit Note (NCE) and Export Credit Certificate (CCE) are IOF-exempt financing options tailored for exporting companies or those involved in the export production chain.

Commercial Note

A private debt instrument for raising capital, which can be used to finance your company's operations.