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Real Estate Solutions

Supportive solutions for the development of new residential, commercial, and industrial projects, as well as for landbank acquisition, among others.

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Working Capital for Housing Purposes (CCB - Housing)

This is a working capital solution with IOF (Tax on Financial Operations) exemption, tailored for the housing sector. The amount is supported by the physical and financial schedule and technical project, enabling housing sector companies to finance their developments.

This product is aimed at Holdings or Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) within the real estate sector.

The use of funds must be strictly for housing purposes, including infrastructure and basic sanitation.


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Real Estate Receivables Certificate (CRI)

CRIs are private fixed-income securities representing a future payment promise related to real estate transactions.

These securities are backed by real estate credits, reflecting portions of a credit right.

Receivables that can serve as backing include:

•    Real estate sale contracts.
•    Real estate lease contracts, SLB (Sale Leaseback), or BTS (Built to Suit).
•    Debts (CCBI, debentures, NC) aimed at: construction and renovations, covering construction or renovation expenses from the last two years, or rent payments (only for the lease contract duration).