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Letter of Credit

The Letter of Credit (LC) is a commercial financing instrument that guarantees the delivery of goods and payment for importers and exporters.

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How Does It Work?

Letters of Credit come in two types:

Import Letter of Credit: Banco Pine guarantees payment to the overseas exporter, issuing this document at the request of its importing client.

Export Letter of Credit: Banco Pine receives a guarantee from a foreign bank, ensuring payment for its clients' exports. The terms are tailored to meet the needs of either the importer or the exporter.

Why Choose It?

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Enhanced protection and security for all parties involved in export and import transactions.

Other Foreign Exchange and Trade Finance Products

Future Exchange

Buy and sell foreign currency with future settlement (beyond 2 business days). This eliminates risks of fluctuation in exchange rates for payable or receivable amounts.

Spot Exchange

Buy and sell foreign currency with immediate settlement (within 2 business days).

ACC/ACE (Advance on Export Contracts)

Through the advance on export exchange contracts, Banco Pine clients can anticipate their receivables from future exports. This allows them to fund the various stages of the production and marketing process of their goods.