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Through the advance on export exchange contracts, Banco Pine clients can anticipate their receivables from future exports. This allows them to fund the various stages of the production and marketing process of their goods.

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How Does It Work?

The ACC (Advance on Export Contracts) contract allows for the anticipation of funds in the pre-shipment phase, from production to the commercialization of the goods. Meanwhile, the ACE (After Shipment Export Credit) enables clients to anticipate resources after the shipment phase.

In both modalities, funds are made available in the local currency.


Why Choose It?

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Greater protection against future exchange rate fluctuations, facilitating cash flow management.

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Advances of up to 100% of the exchange contract value.

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More competitive rates compared to local loans.

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IOF (Tax on Financial Operations) exemption.


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Exchange rates are locked in for the immediate delivery of funds in the national currency.

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ACC: limit of up to 360 days before shipment.

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ACE: limit of up to 360 days after shipment.

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