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A fully digital and 100% free platform for clients interested in accessing the best in Fixed Income investments.

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Bank Deposit Certificate (CDB)

A fixed-income investment that pays out monthly interest, issued by banks for capital raising.

Monthly Income CDB

A fixed-income investment that pays out monthly interest, issued by banks for capital raising.

Real Estate Credit Bill (LCI)

A fixed-income investment issued by banks, backed by operations originating from the real estate sector.

Agricultural Credit Letter (LCA)

LCA, or Agricultural Credit Letter, is a fixed-income investment offered by banks, backed by agribusiness operations.

Investment Portability

Investment portability allows investors to transfer their applications from one institution to another.

Follow the instructions below to request the portability of your Investments (CDB, LCI, and exclusively issued by Banco Pine LCA). If you have questions, please contact our customer service center.

Note: If you are a Pine Empresas client, please contact your account manager for more information.

1 - Ensure your Banco Pine account is open and unrestricted.

2 - Check with the transferring institution if you have Banco Pine exclusively issued CDB, LCI, and LCA investments.

3 - Once you've identified your products, find out the necessary procedures and documentation required for the request with the transferring institution.

4 - Once the request is made, the portability process will begin as soon as the transferring institution notifies Pine, and it will be completed within 2 business days.


- The transferring institution has two business days to complete the process. If this period elapses, check for any pending requests with that institution.

- Follow up on the request's progress with the transferring institution; Banco Pine does not have access in case of pending issues.

- Some institutions may require signature verification; inquire about conditions directly with the transferring institution.

- To cancel the request, it must be done through the transferring institution.

1 - Download the Securities Transfer Request Form (STVM).

2 - Fill in the requested fields after downloading. Note: For "Transfer or Identification," provide your Banco Pine account details from which you will transfer funds, and for "Transferee Identification," fill in the destination institution's details.

3 - Print and sign the form, ensuring all fields are correctly filled out.

4 - Send a scanned copy of your identification document (see accepted types below) and the signed STVM form to Include your Banco Pine account number and CPF in the email body.

5 - Once Banco Pine receives the STVM form, the process will begin and may take up to 2 business days(*) to complete.


- Accepted identification documents include: RG issued less than 10 years ago; valid CNH; RNE for foreigners with current validity.

- Documents are only accepted via Documents sent otherwise will be automatically disregarded.

- If there are any issues with the documentation, the process will be on hold, and you will be notified by email.

- To cancel a request, contact our customer service center. Cancellation can only be accepted if the transfer has not yet been made.

(*) In the event of incorrect filling and/or incomplete information, the process may be extended.